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Expert Guidance and Consulting for Independent Elevator Companies.


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Client Profitability & Value

MAVEN Group is a Trusted Advisor for Independent Elevator Companies Worldwide. We provide expert guidance and consulting for independent elevator companies with a focus on mergers and acquisitions. Our services  are focused on increasing our clients’ profitability and value in the market place. By fine-tuning company processes, analytics and decision-making, we set every company on the path to long-term success.

Over 30 Years of Results


Industry Leader

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As an international advisor and consultant, Maven Group, LLC focuses on all aspects of the elevator industry: We have represented commercial and industrial service providers, suppliers, manufacturers, and residential elevator companies. When independent companies consider selling their business, we guide owners through the complex mergers & acquisition process from presale preparation to closing with the goal to maximize profits while keeping the established team protected.


We also assist independent elevator companies in the daily management and organization of their team and systems. With decades of experience, we know the best way for a business to succeed is through clearly articulated and highly efficient procedures.


Over the years, clients with combined annual revenues well above $400,000,000 have engaged Maven Group to facilitate transactions with international or regional elevator companies as well as private equity investors.

Mergers & Acquisitions



Since 2017, Maven Group helped facilitate over 40 mergers and acquisitions for commercial and industrial elevator service providers, elevator suppliers and manufacturers as well as residential elevator companies. Our clients combined for annual revenues well above $400,000,000 and operated across 28 states in the US and Canada. We successfully closed transactions with over 20 different buyers.

Representation Year Seller State Buyer Details
2024 G-Tech Elevators NY, NJ Start Elevator More
2024 Stratos Elevator, Inc. LA Integrity Elevator Solutions More
2023 Ironhawk Elevator AZ, NM Axxiom Elevator / Gauge Capital More
2023 Arizona Elevator Solutions AZ Axxiom Elevator / Gauge Capital More
2023 A-1 Elevator Service, LLC LA, MS Elevator Service LLC (ESI) / Carrol Capital More
2023 Pinnacle Elevator LA Elevator Service LLC (ESI) / Carrol Capital More
2023 A&F Elevator Co., Inc. TX Private Investor More
2023 Motion Elevator, Inc. FL Axxiom Elevator / Gauge Capital More
2023 Urban Elevator Service FL, LLC FL Axxiom Elevator / Gauge Capital More
2023 Metro Elevator, Inc. MN Elevator Service LLC (ESI) / Carrol Capital More
2023 Trenton Elevator NJ American Elevator Group / Arcline Capital Partners More
2022 Titan Machine Corp. NY HYPERION Solutions
2022 Madden Elevator Company KY, IN American Elevator Group / Arcline Capital Partners
2022 McIntosh Industries, Inc. NJ Standard Elevator Systems / Arcline Capital Partners
2022 Southeast Elevator (commercial service portfolio) FL 3Phase Elevator / Berkshire Partners
2021 Hadfield Elevator PA 3Phase Elevator / Berkshire Partners
2021 Gulfside Elevator and Cab Interiors, LLC FL Southeast Elevator
2021 West Virginia Elevator WV 3Phase Elevator / Berkshire Partners
2021 Direct Elevator Service Ltd. Ontario (Canada) TK Elevator
2021 True Canadian Elevator Maintenance Company Ltd. Ontario (Canada) TK Elevator
2021 Bay Elevator Ltd. Ontario (Canada) TK Elevator
2021 Aventura Elevator FL Urban Elevator Service
2021 Colorado Elevator Solutions CO SCHINDLER Elevator Corp.
2021 Right Way Elevator Maintenance, Inc. FL American Elevator Group / Arcline Capital Partners
2021 American Service Group IN, IL, KY, FL, TN, MO, MD, OH, SC, GA, NM, TX American Elevator Group / Arcline Capital Partners
2020 Southeast Elevator FL Private Investor
2020 Urban Elevator Service IL, IN, TX, CO, AZ Skydeck Capital
2020 Avery Elevator Co. DC, MD, VA Action Elevator / Align Capital
2020 Action Elevator, Co. MD, DE, DC Southwest Elevators, LLC / Align Capital Partners
2020 Clifton Elevator Service Company (CESCO) NJ Slade Elevator / Schindler Elevator
2020 Transel Elevator & Electric, Inc. (TEI Group) NY Analogue Holdings Limited (Hong Kong)
2019 Excel Elevator & Escalator Corp NH, MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, FL 3Phase Elevator / Fort Point Capital
2019 Elevator Service, Inc. MI Carroll Capital, LLC
2019 Applied Elevator Service & Sales CO Elevator Technicians LLC
2019 TAKA Elevator Company (Service) FL KONE Elevator
2019 American Elevator, Inc IN Private Investor
2018 Boesen Plum Elevator Solution KS SCHINDLER Elevator
2018 Traveler Elevator FL ELCON
Eastern Elevator 2018 Eastern Elevator VA, MD, WV Delaware Elevator
Elevator Solutions 2018 Elevator Solutions MD, PA, WV, VA OTIS Elevator
Coast to Coast Elevator 2018 Coast to Coast Elevator FL Delaware Elevator
Private Investor 2017 Elevator Service, Inc. MI Private Investor

International Advisors & Consultants


Trusted Advisors

As an international advisor and consultant, Maven Group, LLC focuses on all aspects of the elevator industry: We have represented commercial and industrial service providers, suppliers, manufacturers, and residential elevator companies.

Dominik Sachsenheimer, President

Dominik Sachsenheimer is a proven business strategist across various industries and continents who has been heading up Maven Group as president and majority shareholder since 2017. Maven Group has quickly developed into the leading mergers & acquisitions advisor for elevator companies in the United States and Canada as the firm’s clients combine for annual revenues above $400,000,000. Dominik is a frequent speaker at industry events in North America and Europe as well as an occasional contributor to publications such as “Elevator World” which recognized him as one of 25 “people of the year” in 2020.

Prior to running Maven Group, Dominik gained 10 years of experience at the Otis Elevator Company from 2006 to 2016. He served as Director of Mergers & Acquisitions for North America since 2013 and previously in various finance roles in New York City, Chicago and Charleston, SC where he directed an organization spanning across 16 states and several Caribbean islands.

Dominik obtained his MBA from Berufsakademie Loerrach, Germany in 1999 and started his career with a global logistics company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. He later headed the internationally renowned “Zelt Musik Festival” in Freiburg, Germany, which hosts over 50 concerts attracting 200,000 visitors annually. During this time, he also consulted for various non-profit and entertainment companies while teaching business
courses at “Institut fuer Sprachen und Wirtschaft” in Freiburg, Germany.

William T. Beaury, Founder

Bill Beaury started SureWay Expediting Inc. with his partner and $750 seed money. SureWay grew to $45,000,000 in revenue during the 20 years before it was sold. The complexities of Government regulation then transitioning to deregulation, adding staff and management, developing technology, financing growth, dealing with recessions, and changing markets all helped Bill prepare for Maven Group. Eventually the company was rolled into a group of companies that went through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process. The experience of it all was priceless.
Immediately after that Bill invested in, and took, control of a company that was hemorrhaging money. In 90 days it was at break even and in two years it bought SureWay from the public company. In 1992, while all of these transactions were going on, Bill and John Taylor, who were childhood friends, formed Taylor Elevator in Naples, Florida. Bill was 50% owner and served as the business side of the company while still living in New York.

In 2008, when Bill moved to Naples and became actively involved in Taylor Elevator, revenues were as high as $12,000,000. In 2013 the company spent 6+ months negotiating with a ‘major’ only to have the deal fall apart 7 days before closing. In 2015 Bill completed a deal with a different ‘major’—Otis Elevator. While at the public company, Bill was in charge of Mergers & Acquisitions and the spin off of non-performing companies. Bill also worked independently with business owners to develop their companies to either continue making higher profits or to be sold. Bill is an Alumni of Harvard Business School, AMP.

Carson Bombara, Director

Prior to joining Maven Group, Carson Bombara supported the Acquisitions and Strategy Team at American Elevator Group (AEG) and worked hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs who sought to partner with a quickly growing elevator platform sponsored by a private equity investor. Conducting due diligence, negotiating purchase agreements, creating investment presentations, and assisting with integration plans, ideally prepared Carson for his current role with Maven Group.

During his time at AEG, Carson had the opportunity to work with Maven Group on several successful transactions. After learning to appreciate the tremendous value that an advisor brings to an entrepreneur who is pursuing a sale of their Company, Carson joined Maven Group at the start of 2023 to use his unique perspective of the elevator industry in North America to assist business owners with the various challenges of navigating through a merger or an acquisition.

Carson graduated from Trinity College of Hartford Connecticut in 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics. While at Trinity, Carson was a part of the 2019 CFA Institute Research Team, which competed against various regional schools by writing an equity research report on a local, publicly traded Company. Carson also completed a Mergers and Acquisitions certification from Columbia Business School in 2022.


MAVEN GROUP News + Media

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Integrity Elevator Solutions Acquires Stratos Elevator, Inc.

Integrity Elevator Solutions (“IES”), a provider of elevator maintenance, repair, and modernization services in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, has recently completed a partnership with Stratos Elevator, Inc (“Stratos”). Stratos has…
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Our Year in Review

Dear Friends, We know you have been anxiously awaiting yet another "year in review" email. Well, here it is. 2023 was a productive year for Maven Group and our clients…
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Axxiom Elevator Continues its Growth in the West by Acquiring IronHawk Elevator

Axxiom Elevator (Axxiom), a provider of elevator maintenance, repair, and modernization services, has recently completed the acquisition of IronHawk Elevator, located in Tucson, AZ. IronHawk is one of the largest…
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