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Integrity Elevator Solutions (“IES”), a provider of elevator maintenance, repair, and modernization services in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, has recently completed a partnership with Stratos Elevator, Inc (“Stratos”). Stratos has been servicing customers in Louisiana for over 3 decades and is known as the leading independent unionized elevator company in the Baton Rouge area.

Brent Stark, President of IES, remarked: “We are thrilled to embark upon this partnership with the Stratos team. This transaction was the logical next step in our exciting journey of continued growth as we are strengthening our operation in Baton Rouge while expanding into the New Orleans market.”

Bryan Johnston, CFO of IES, added “We welcome our new employees in Louisiana to the IES family, and we look forward to working with our newly acquired customers who will surely appreciate our unique focus on service quality and responsiveness that allowed us to succeed in other markets.”

Richie Doiron, President of Stratos, states “With over 40 years in the elevator trade behind me and retirement in sight, I look forward to supporting the young and dynamic team at IES during the immediate transition period. Their leadership represents similar values to mine and will continue the Stratos legacy when working with my longtime customers and employees.”

Doiron added “I had contemplated selling my business without an advisor, but never closed a deal given the inherent complexity of the process. Maven Group organized my books, put me in touch with various potential partners, and patiently helped me navigate through the entire journey from start to finish. I truly appreciate their hard work and my advice to any business owner preparing for retirement is to hire proven experts like Maven Group.”

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