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Allred Group, a recruiting firm based in Atlanta, GA hosts the bi-weekly “Elevator Career Podcast”. The format has been met with tremendous interest throughout the vertical transportation industry because the podcast features leading figures in the elevator trade across North America who share their journeys from the early days of their careers until their current position.

In the latest episode Dominik Sachsenheimer, President of Maven Group, chats with podcast host Matt Allred about his personal development from working for an international conglomerate to running his own boutique consulting firm that has established itself as a household name in the industry when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.

You can listen to the discussion on the podcast’s main site Podcast – Allred Group or watch the full video of the conversation via the following link:
Sachsenheimer – Allred Group – Video

To learn more about Maven Group, LLC, please contact us directly:
Dominik Sachsenheimer (561) 225-3320,
Bill Beaury (239) 253-4500,

To learn more about Allred Group please visit