William T. Beaury – Founder

William T. Beaury

Bill Beaury started SureWay Expediting Inc. with his partner and $750 seed money. SureWay grew to $45,000,000 in revenue during the 20 years before it was sold. The complexities of Government regulation then transitioning to deregulation, adding staff and management, developing technology, financing growth, dealing with recessions, and changing markets all helped Bill prepare for Maven Group. Eventually the company was rolled into a group of companies that went through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process. The experience of it all was priceless.
Immediately after that Bill invested in, and took, control of a company that was hemorrhaging money. In 90 days it was at break even and in two years it bought SureWay from the public company. In 1992, while all of these transactions were going on, Bill and John Taylor, who were childhood friends, formed Taylor Elevator in Naples, Florida. Bill was 50% owner and served as the business side of the company while still living in New York.

In 2008, when Bill moved to Naples and became actively involved in Taylor Elevator, revenues were as high as $12,000,000. In 2013 the company spent 6+ months negotiating with a ‘major’ only to have the deal fall apart 7 days before closing. In 2015 Bill completed a deal with a different ‘major’—Otis Elevator. While at the public company, Bill was in charge of Mergers & Acquisitions and the spin off of non-performing companies. Bill also worked independently with business owners to develop their companies to either continue making higher profits or to be sold. Bill is an Alumni of Harvard Business School, AMP.